2020 Avian Conservation and Ecology Summer Conference

What is that bird? Why are Scarlet Tanagers only in big forests? How hard is it to find a bird’s nest? What does it feel like to have a hummingbird in the palm of your hand? If discovering the answers to these questions appeals to you, then join us for the Avian Conservation and Ecology Conference. Ecologists at Washington College’s Center for Environment & Society will lead a small group of students on morning field trips to area hotspots and introduce you to other regional professionals to share their avian studies and conservation projects.

Throughout the week, students will learn the basics of bird identification by sight and sound, participate in Maryland’s 3rd Breeding Bird Atlas, learn about bird research and conservation efforts at Washington College, and explore career opportunities related to wildlife through a combination of indoor sessions and extensive time in the field. Field trips include exploring the deciduous forests at Susquehanna State Park, marshes at Bombay Hook NWR, and grasslands and bird banding at Washington College’s River and Field Campus.

Previous birding experience is not necessary, but a strong interest in wildlife, nature, and the outdoors is a must. This week might be a challenge for those that aren’t early-risers, but when you hear the birds’ dawn chorus and watch a forest come to life, you’ll be glad you got up!

Program Fee: $700 (includes room and board)


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