2022 The Cincinnatus Scholarship

    This $2,500 scholarship with an extra $5,000 stipend for experiential learning opportunities through The Institute of Religion, Politics and Culture at Washington College, is renewable and awarded annually to one admitted student per year with a strong interest in the study of religion's influence on American and world history, as well as its contemporary importance for cultural and political life. Offering experiential learning opportunities such as the Oxford Research Seminar and the Cincinnatus Leadership Scholars Program among many others, the Institute of Religion, Politics and Culture helps students explores a range of pressing issues facing contemporary society and the enduring value of America's founding principles.

    Incoming students who wish to be considered for The Cincinnatus Scholarship are required to complete the form below and submit the required writing sample by the prescribed date. The guidelines for the writing sample are as follows:

    1. What role did the Founders of the Constitution see for religion and morality in the operation of government? Are their views of these issues relevant today? (500 words, PDF format recommended)

    For additional information about The Cincinnatus Scholarship, please call or email Annmarie Magnus at 410-778-7700 or amagnus2@washcoll.edu.

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