2022 Sophie Kerr Gifts in English Literature

    Incoming students who wish to be considered for the Sophie Kerr Gifts in English Literature are required to complete the form below and submit the required writing sample(s) by the prescribed deadline.  

    The guidelines for the writing sample(s) are as follows:

    1. Applications will be accepted from incoming first-year students only, and must include a short cover letter describing their interest in English, Creative Writing, or Journalism, Editing & Publishing and their reasons for applying to be a Sophie Kerr Scholar.

    2. Manuscripts must be typed, double-spaced, in an ordinary type-face, and include your name and address on the title page. PDF format is recommended. 

    3. Applicants must submit a sample of their best work in their chosen area of focus (can be a work of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, essay, drama, and/or journalism). Submitting one work or a selection of multiple works, including different genres, is acceptable. There is no page minimum or maximum required for the sample, but we recommend that a work that is longer than 25 pages be excerpted. 

    Please Note: This scholarship is open to all students (not limited to English Majors or Creative Writing Minors)

    For additional information about the Sophie Kerr Gifts in English Literature, please call or email Annmarie Magnus at 410-778-7700 or amagnus2@washcoll.edu.

    You can also find more information about Sophie Kerr and her legacy here.

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